Day by day

First Semester

First Quarter

Aug 21-22. Assign seats. Supplies list. Web sites. PowerPoint: procedures, grades. Intro page of notes, true and false, facts and opinion. Announce reading check at next class. Library cards & Library.


Unit 1: Plot and characters                  

Aug 25-26.


                                Notes                         100 facts, #1-5                              

Notes                        Fact & opinion

                                Reading                     Start “Mrs Flowers”                                                                        


                                             1. Out of class reading, Choice #1, A-Reading Check

                                             2. Read “The Elevator,” p 27-31. Answer the questions in the margins.

Aug 27-28.


                                Notes                        100 facts, 6-9

                                PowerPoint               Fact vs Opinion

                                Reading                    Finish “Mrs Flowers”

                                Activities                  Level writing 1, 2 questions from “The Elevator”

                        Homework             Chart: divide paper into four boxes. 1- draw fat lady (5 details);

2-copy plot graph on p 26; 3-write three level-one questions; 4-write one L-2.


  1. Friday: Aug 29, Sep 19.    Rule of Three

                                Notes                         communications #27-32

                                Activities                   unfamiliar pairs, students introduce and tell new things about classmates

                                You Enter a Poem

                                Counting and intro to poetry, reading aloud


  1. Journal

                                Explain posted grades

                                Quiz                            Fact vs Opinion

                                Notes                         100 facts, #34-38

                                Complete “Mrs Flowers” and pages 22-25

                                Write Level-1 and Level-2 questions for “Mrs Flowers”

                                Start “Broken Chain”

Homework:1. For first summer novel: write two level-1 questions and two level-2 questions.

2. Complete pages 60-61 in textbook.


Sep 4-5                   Benchmarks

                                Comtinue reading “Broken Chain”


Sep 8-9                   Journal


                                Notes                         100 Facts, #10-16

                                Writing                      Introduction worksheet

                                Library                       Check out Where Red Fern Grows

                                Check out Where the Red Fern Grows

                                Activity                     Prefix Worksheet

Homework             Write an introduction for an essay on books. At least 5 sentences; start WRFG

                                Announce notebook check schedule


Sep 10-12.


                                PowerPoint                Essays

                                Notes                         100 Facts, #17-26

                                Activity                     Suffix worksheet

                                Homework                 Read page 144-150

                                                                    write a five-paragraph essay answering prompt #1 on p 144; due 2 weeks


  1. Journal

                                WRFG Quiz

                                Notes                         setting; 100 facts: #43-45

                                Vocabulary                WRFG worksheets

                                Homework                 WRFG worksheets


Sep 17-18.


                                Notes                         WRFG vocab recap sheet

                                100 facts:                   46-57

                                Activity                     Thesis statement worksheet

                                PowerPoint                Figurative Language

                                Reading                     Begin “The Wise Old Woman”

                                Homework                 Finish reading pp 466-472. On page 473, answer #2, 3, 5, 6; & all of 474

                                Notebook checks start today


  1. Sep 22, 23.             Journal

                                WRFG Quiz

                                Notes                         100 Facts: 51-52

                                PowerPoint                Setting

                                Activities                   WRFG, problem and outcome worksheet, plus drawings of setting

                                Homework                 Knoxville TN


  1. Journal

                                Notes                         100 Facts: 53-57

                                PowerPoint                Figurative Language

                                Activities                  WRFG, three worksheets with small groups, figures of speech, imagery and characters   

                                Homework                 Read R52-R53; noun worksheet


Friday: Sep 26 & Oct 3.

                                Notes                         100 Facts: #33; eye contact, voice, posture

                                Quiz used as study guide

                                A Time to Talk, If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking

                                Begin worksheet on Social Ritual speeches


  1. Journal

                                Quiz                            WRFG #3

                                Review thesis statements



  1. Oct 1 & 2.              Journal

                                Quiz                            WRFG #3

                                Activity                     Assign essay “Pets and Children”

                                Grammar/Classwork Nouns: Drowning of Icarus/art (6 concrete singular, 6 concrete plural, 2 noncount, 1 collective, 1 proper, 1 abstract)   

                                Homework                 Read 1022; essay due Oct 13, 15


  1. Journal

                                Quiz                            WRFG #4

                                Activities                   In groups, complete Motivations chart for WRFG

                                Notes                         Review

                                PowerPoint                Characters

                                Writing                      discussion of characters and characterization

                                Homework             Create  a drawing, based on your assigned chapter of WRFG, with at least 10 labeled adjectives found in that chapter. (This counts as a Literacy grade. No lined paper.)

  1. Journal

                                Quiz:                           Where the Red Fern Grows #4

                                Writing                      1. Parts of an essay review

                                                                    2. Thesis practice

                                                                    3. Bubble web practice

                                                                    4. review WRFG essay                

                                                                    Second out of class reading due Oct 22 & 23


End of Quarter: Oct 15, 16                      Midterm exam

Friday: Oct 10, 15                                         Benchmarks


Second Quarter

Unit 2: Language             

  1. Journal

                                Out of class reading Choice #2: A-Comic strip with summaries

                                100 Facts

                                Reading                     Read “The Landlady”




  1. Journal

                                Notes                         100 facts

                                Reading                     Finish “The Landlady”

                                Activities                   Create Character Analysis charts,

                                                                    then outlines, then thesis statement for Billy

                                Writing                      Outlining

                                Homework                 commas worksheet (5-2) and pages 181, 1813


Friday:  Oct 26, Nov 2.

                                Finish Social Ritual Speeches handout

                                Present Social Ritual Speeches

                                Assign speeches, “My Favorite _________.”


  1. Journal

                                Notes                         100 facts relating to plot

                                Reading                     “There Shall Come Soft Rains” 

                                Homework                 pages 209-211


  1. Journal


                                Reading                     “Pandora’s Box”

                                Check out A Midsummer Night’s Dream: reading schedule, 1 Act each Mon/Tues.

                                Homework                 460, #1-5, 461                                


  1. Journal

                                Notes                         100 Facts (#58-62)

                                Activities&Grammar             Hope is a Thing with a Feathers, The Grasshopper and Cricket

                                                                   Analyze for meaning, rhyme scheme, alliteration, meter, etc.

                                Grammar                     find verbs for a to z

                                Homework                 620, a & b, 623, 1 & 2


  1. Give speeches, “My Favorite _________.” Assign speeches on topic “How to…”
  2. Make-up Speeches



                                Notes                         100 facts, #72-76

                                Reading                     “The Lady or the Tiger?”

                                Character Chart

                                Activities                   Verb worksheet

                                Homework                 Read 598-601. Answer p 602, #1-8, 603.


  1. Journal

                                Notes                         100 facts, #76-82

                                PowerPoint                Characters; literacy assignment 2

                                Writing                      Characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, make a page       


Unit 3: Meaning

  1. Nov 17-18.             Journal

                                Notes                         100 facts, #83-84

                                Read Act One           explain meaning and themes

                                PowerPoint                Characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream,  

                                Activities                   start video of Act I

                                Homework                 Read pages 598-601, on 602, #1-8, 603, all


  1. Journal

                                Quiz                            Act 1

                                100 Facts, #91, 92, 96, 99

                                Reading                     Finish “The Lady, or the Tiger?”

                                Activities                   last names worksheet

                                Homework                 Pages 684-691, answer all questions in margins; 692, #1-5; 693, all.


  1. Journal

                                Quiz      Act 2

                                PowerPoint                The Moon as Image and Symbol in MND

                                Activities                   video for acts 1 & 2

                                Vocabulary                prefix handout                              

                                Homework                 keep reading; literacy assignment due


Friday: Nov 14 & 21          How-to speeches. Assign survey speeches


  1. Journal

                                Quiz      Act 3

                                Notes                           How to deveolop a paragraph with topic sentence, concrete details and 2 or more commentaries for each detail

                                Writing                      write a five-paragraph essay in which you analyze or compare love and magic, with at least one reference and quotation from MND

                                Grammar                     workbook, 271 and 169                                                                   

                                Homework                 handout on suffixes


  1. Dec 5 & 6.             Journal

                                Reading          Act II, read passages from scene 1, to understand metaphors and Helena’s relationship with Demetrius 

                                Notes   Parallelism in MND, humor in Act 2

                                Reading                     Midsummer Night’s Dream       

                                PowerPoint                humor among the actors

                                Activities                   see video Acts II and III


  1. Quiz MND #4



  1. Journal

                                Activities                   see the new video, discuss differences                                                       

                                Writing                      essays due

                                Homework                 review 


  1. Pyramus and Thisbe with comic Botton

                                             Review for semester final

                                             Impromptu speeches


End of Quarter:Benchmarks and semester finals Dec 15-19.


Third Quarter

Unit 5: Painting with Words

Jan 6-7. Journal and awards for first semester

                                Review and complete 100 Facts

                                Create Vocabulary title pages; discuss and draw concrete and abstract nouns (true & false, fiction & nonfiction, literal & figurative, concrete & abstract, reason vs emotion, specific & general)

                                Reading                  “Real Indians Eat Jell-o…” and discuss three levels of questions. Complete and turn in the worksheet

                                Homework             Third speech, due Jan 30; Feb 13

  1. Decide on a survey question? Best choice would be one of three options.
  2. Ask at least 30 people your question, and keep track of the answers.
  3. Develop a thesis statement.
  4. Write a speech with introduction, body (3 points) and conclusion.
  5. Make a chart or graph illustrating the results of your survey.


  1. Journal

                                             100 Facts, #93, 94, 95

                                             Assign Character Chart and essay for out-of-class reading book #3

                                             Building Academic Vocabulary                        specific/general/stereotype/universal

                                                                    Reading                                          Black on White, with writing activities

                                             Homework   Textbook, 118-124, “Great Rat Hunt,” questions in margins


  1. Poetry activities       Textbook, 582-601


Jan 12-13:              Journal

                                             Certificates for Perfect Attendance

                                             Quiz                                                                       100 Facts

                                             Building Academic Vocabulary                        real/ideal

                                             Literature                                                              metaphors and truth

Reading                                                                4 poems by Langston Hughes: 616 new book, 2 dreams poems, 677 in old

                                             Homework                                                textbk, 125-128, all questions on 129, 130, 131


Jan 14-15:              Journal


                                             Building Academic Vocabulary                        reasons/emotions

                                             Literature                                                              sounds in poetry

Reading                     Serenity in Stone, Tell the Truth, Maybe Dat’s Your Pwoblem too

                                             Homework                                                            textbook, 605 (chart)-610 (all)


Jan 20-21                                Journal


                                                Essays and character charts based on fiction due

                                                Academic Vocabulary Building                     reason/emotions

                                                Read “The Treasure of Lemon Brown,” pages 166-174

                                                Homework answer questions in margins.


Jan 22-23                                Journal

                                                Essays and character charts based on fiction due

                                                Reading     “Charles” in orange textbook


Jan 26 (snow), Feb 3            Journal


                                                Check out To Kill a Mockingbird, reading schedule

                                                Building Academic Vocabulary                     reason/emotions #2

                                                Reading     Start “Rules of the Game”

                                                Homework page 236; handout prefixes and suffixes                                     


Feb 2, 3                                  Journal

                                                Building Academic Vocabulary                     true/false

                                                Reading     “Rules of the Game”


                                                Homework              answer questions, page 235, #1-9, 236, all, 237, Grammar & Writing


Friday: Jan 30, Feb 13. Survey speeches


  1. Journal

                                Grammar            In groups, identify all adverbs in “Charles”

                                Reading            “Rules of the Game”

                                Homework        answer questions, page 235, #1-9, 236, all, 237, Grammar & Writing


Feb 9-10                 Journal

                                Quiz                   To Kill a Mockingbird #1

                                Setting: story, author, reader

                                Internet             play Mockingbird songs, discuss the use of the title phrase, literally, figuartively

                                Demonstrate TKM websites


  1. Journal

                                To Kill a Mockingbird vocabulary charts in groups, one hour


Unit 6: Judgment

Feb 17, 18              Journal

                                TKM quiz #2

                                Activities          Discuss the quotation, “Fiction gives the turht scope.”

                                Academic vocabulary,  truth vs. exaggeration, mistake, lie, propaganda, prejudice, joke, slant/spin, half truth, politeness

                                Reading            Start character worksheets

                                Homework        Euphemisms


Feb 19                    school play, makeup work


Feb 20, 23              Journal

                                TKM Video

                                Complete TKM Character worksheet in class, assign character booklets, due Mar 9, 10.

                                List characters and read

                                Discuss truth in the book.


  1. Journal


                                Notes                Social levels in TKM                           

                                Activities          answer 4 level-2 questions with at least six sentences each

                                                           If necessary, groups finish level-2 answers.



  1. Feb 27, Mar 6.       WebQuest #1, TKM


Feb 26, Mar 13      Read and complete pages 342-345. Exchange papers and discuss answers.


  1. Benchmarks


  1. Journal

                                Quiz                   TKM#4

                                Activities          In groups, using 100 facts, students locate 3 examples each of simile, metaphor, hyperbole, allusion, imagery, symbolism and dialect in TKM

                                Homework        Essay review; assign new essay, handout , due after Spring break


Mar 9-10:               Journal, quiz TKM #5, review and makeup work

  1. Nine weeks test


Friday: Mar 27, Apr 3. Web quest TKM


Fourth  Quarter

Unit 7: Heroes and humor           

  1. Journal

                                Reteach characterization  from nine weeks’ test

                                Make literacy assignment: a project, and show previous projects

                                Humor               Day one       puns

                                Essays due

                                Start “The Ransom of Red Chief”

                                Homework        Prefixes and suffixes worksheet.


  1. Journal

                                Humor               Day Two      One-liners and puns

                                Reading            “The Ransom of Red Chief”

                                Groups make drawings, find lit devices and check vocabulary                                   

                                Homework        page 59, 60, bottom half 61                 


Friday, Mar 27, April 3                   WebQuest 2 (authors)


  1. Journal                      

                                Quiz “Ransom of Red Chief”

                                Humor               Day 3:           Paradoxes

                                Discuss irony, assumptions and allusions in RRC

                                Reading            Check out The Diary of Anne Frank, reading schedule

                                Homework        prefixes and suffixes


  1. Journal

                                “Too Soon a Woman”


Apr 6, 7                  Journal

                                Humor               Day 4:          Riddles

                                Poetry recitation assignment

Read and analyze “Barbara Frietchie” and as many other poems as time allows


  1. Apr 8, 9.                 Journal

                                Quiz                   Literary devices, 100 Facts

                                Humor: Day 6: Bad similes and metaphors

                                Activities          Sneetches

                                Activities          Discuss heroes, find a definition, make a chart with Atticus Finch, a character from one of your free choice books, a charcter from a modern movie or TV show, and someone you know

                                PowerPoint       background for the Holocaust


Unit 8: “I Still Believe”

  1. Journal

                                Quiz                   (A-Day) Anne Frank #1

                                Humor               Put downs; Can you read these right?

                                Poetry reading (A-Day)

                                Finish PowerPoint    background for the Holocaust


April 14, 15            Journal

                                Quiz                   (B-Day) Anne Frank #1

                                Poetry reading (B-Day)

                                Humor:              Up, the word with the most definitions


April 16                  CRT Testing            


Apr 17                    Sub:


Apr 20-21              Journal

                                Quiz      Anne Frank #2

                                Poetry reading

                                Humor: parents’ notes

                                Homework: character pages for Anne Frank


Apr 22, 23              Journal

                                Humor: puns

                                Anne Frank vocabulary


  1. “Pecos Bill”

                                Homework                 Read 288-290, answer #2, 4, 10.


Apr 27, 28              Journal

                                Quiz                            AF #3

                                Poetry reading


                                Video                          The Attic

                                Reading                     “We Are All One” & “The Cormorant…”  pp 264-271

                                Activities                   Discussion of reactions to themes when reading

                                Homework                 Page 264 & 272, #1-8


Apr 29, 30             Journal


                                Activities                   The Attic


May 4, 5                Journal

                                Quiz      AF4

                                Humor: Proverbs

                                Poetry reading

                                The Attic


May 6, 7                Journal


                                Proverbs by Anne Frank; group activities with work sheet followed by assignment of essay


May 8                    finish The Attic


May 11, 14            Computer Lab                        Web Quest


May 12, 13            Journal

                                Quiz      AF5


                                Poetry reading

                                In groups, analyze text looking for literary devices


May 15, 22            Naomi Shibab Nye, pages 380-392, #1-7 on 393, all 394 and bottom half 395


May 18, 19            Journal

                                Quiz      AF4


                                Poetry reading


May 20-21             Journal


                                Essay due, I Love Lucy Grammar activity


May 26                  Library


May 27-28             Journal

                                Quiz      AF4

                                Humor: Proverbs

                                Poetry reading



End of Semester: Exams: May 28, June 1, 2









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